VIAtariXE based on VIA 6522

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VIAtariXE based on VIA 6522

Postby pancio » 10 June 2019, 21:51 - Mon

Inspiration for this mode I found on Daryl's Computer Hobby Page. Daryl made Composite Video Text/Graphics Display based on ATMEGA8 and drive by VIA6522. This article will show how to build, assembly and connect VIA 6522 IC to Atari and use 2 additional 8-bit parallel ports and serial interface. This is my own project build from scratch but it's nothing modern - this IC was used in C64 to communicate with disk drive. It will be used as additional PIA for steering other equipment.

Well, on the market you may find a few sellers which have VIA6522, but...
- this IC is discontinued, don't wait so much time, buy it!
- it's still very useful and may be good alternatives for PIA 6520(6521).
- topology and registers covering PIA 6520, so you may use it as equivalent for it. (some pins should be swapped)
- very cheap IC (~2$/piece).

Prototyping and Manufacturing
As last time (SRAM 512k extension module) I made the schematic and PCB using KiCAD (actually I'm so surprised how good is this software!). Below you my find schematic and PCB layout:
VIAtariXE10 schamatic
Prototyping on the breadboard:
Prototype on the BB
Prototype on the BB
PCB layout:
PCB without polygons
PCB with polygons
3D view
t.b.d (gerber files sent to production)

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