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GLCD connected to Atari XE - the first project with VIAtari

Posted: 24 August 2019, 21:33 - Sat
by pancio

The first project which is using VIAtari was made...
I'm glad to present the first GLCD 162x64 connected to Atari:
Blank screen S1D15705 connected to Atari
Blank screen S1D15705 connected to Atari
PCB of S1D15705
PCB of S1D15705
In order to connect GLCD I used both parallel ports - PORTB is a data bus and PORTA is for control signals. Actually I used only 5 signals, so rest may be use for other stuff.
S1D15705 connected by VIAtari
S1D15705 connected by VIAtari
Detail regarding wiring you may find in attached software.
In this point I need to say thanks to @mono user from which wrote very good PLOT procedure (topic:

Okay, showtime :-)

First test:

Second test:

Pseudo"white noise" and fill test:

Plot test: (point by point into memory)

The last 2 tests are making into Atari memory and result is sending as whole frame to CLCD. If you are interested in how it's work, please analyse software...