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GLCD connected to Atari XE - the first project with VIAtari

Posted: 24 August 2019, 21:33 - Sat
by pancio
Because of ABBUC Hardware Competition schematics and board will be available of the end of October


The first project which is using VIAtari was made...
I'm glad to present the first GLCD 162x64 connected to Atari:
The attachment s1d15705blank.jpg is no longer available
Blank screen S1D15705 connected to Atari
Blank screen S1D15705 connected to Atari
In order to connect GLCD I used both parallel ports - PORTB is a data bus and PORTA is for control signals. Actually I used only 5 signals, so rest may be use for other stuff.
PCB of S1D15705
PCB of S1D15705
Detail regarding wiring you may find in attached software.
In this point I need to say thanks to @mono user from which wrote very good PLOT procedure (topic:

Okay, showtime :-)

First test:

Second test:

Pseudo"white noise" and fill test:

Plot test: (point by point into memory)

The last 2 tests are making into Atari memory and result is sending as whole frame to CLCD. If you are interested in how it's work, please analyse software...