MIDIcar - Independent MIDI device for Atari XE

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MIDIcar - Independent MIDI device for Atari XE

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I would like to present new device for Atari XE series which can play/record MIDI files on Atari 8-bit computer. Idea was taken from SIO2MIDI (https://ataribits.weebly.com/midi.html) but I decided to use CART/ECI port for communication with MIDI devices because in case I may use SIO independently for load/save data during MIDI working. Using CART/ECI provide possibility to use Atari as MIDI sequencer with direct access to FDD (SIO) and/or other mass storage device, for example with AVG CART (CART/ECI).

- possibility to play external MIDI source like MIDI keyboard or synthesizer,
- MIDI IN/MIDI OUT LED indicators on board,
- serial communication with 31250 b/s, 125 kb/s or 2mb/s with PC (using e.g. FT232 dongle),
- fully transparent for other cartridges/interfaces (based on D1XX/D5XX address decoder),
- equipped with S2 DREAMBLASTER is ready to play (similar like SIO2MIDI,

First issue of MIDIcar v1.0 is dedicated for Atari XE series but I’ll prepare version for XL series as soon as possible,
MIDIcar v.1.0 prototype
MIDIcar v.1.0 prototype
MIDIcar.jpeg (394.74 KiB) Viewed 1030 times
According to ABBUC HSC 2022 event I'll share more details after competition...

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